Information packets went home with ALL students today!  This trip sells out quickly!  Please READ the information packet CAREFULLY as there is A LOT involved.  Students need to be aware that they will be completing their missed work while on the trip.  Also, if you are a person that NEEDS constant access to your cellphone, then this is not the trip for you!

Finals Week-EOY Exam: Texas History

During Finals Week, Texas History students will do two things: take the EOY Exam on the short period, and watch the film Hidden Figures during the long period.

Hidden Figures supplements our recent studies of the 1960-70s era topics/themes such as discrimination (in its many forms), the Cold War, the Kennedy/Johnson presidencies, etc. More information on the film can be found here:

The EOY Exam will be a Continue reading


Per the Charger Buzz post from Mrs. Graves on Sunday, NO Incompletes will be recorded for any student for the 6th grading cycle.  ALL outstanding assignments MUST be turned in NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, MAY 22nd at 3:30pm!!  Teachers have a VERY short turnaround time to grade those assignments before our gradebooks close in preparation for Report Cards.  We thank you in advance for your assistance!

Science – Week of May 14th

MondaySTAAR Math

Blue Day: Return Quiz, begin working on EOY Study Guide

Tuesday STAAR Reading

Green Day: Return Quiz, begin working on EOY Study Guide

Wednesday – IPC Placement for 2 hours, then stay in assigned rooms to work on core content activities until 12:30pm.

Blue Day – complete Study Guide

Thursday – 7th grade stays in Cluster: 5 rotations =

8:07-9:05 rotation 1

9:05-9:55 rotation 2

9:55-10:45 rotation 3

10:45-11:35 rotation 4

11:35-12:30 rotation 5

During the non-core rotation, students will complete the student survey, and Naviance, if necessary. Students may then watch Brainpop videos ONLY!

Science rotation: Google Doodles on a Science word.

Green Day – complete Study Guide

FridayCharger Day: Introduce PFD project.