For Achieve 3000 Homework


Learning Assessment

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Type HOUSTON.ITSLEARNING.COM into the address bar.
  3. Select LOGIN WITH HOUSTONISD ACCOUNT on the right side of the screen.
  4. Select DIGITAL RESOURCES from the top menu.
  6. Select Achieve3000 from the directory.
  7. Click English and Login
  8. Go to the career center in choose an optimal career.
  9. Go to the mailbox at the top of the page.
  10. Choose one Unit Assignment from me in your mailbox.
  11. Complete at least one article on Achieve 3000 a week for homework. In order to improve upon your Lexile number you should complete and receive a 70 on three articles in a week.
  12. I have attached annotation tips for those who would like to use them while working on the assignment.


Extra Credit 10-9-17: Texas History

Follow the links below that correspond to your class to complete the extra credit. Only do the extra credit that corresponds to your Texas History class period.

Make sure you type your name on your post. Type your NAME at the top of the post in the TITLE and post your response below.

The expectation is that you make 1 initial post, and then write at least 1 response to a classmate’s post.

If you do not write 2 posts, you will not receive credit.

The password to access is Chargers1

Period 3:

Period 7:

Period 2:

Period 6:

Period 8:

ENGLISH Week of 10/9

Hooray! This marks the first week of cycle two! This week marks the beginning of our expository segment!

Monday/Tuesday: students will learn the difference between personal narratives and expository texts. We will also start reading our historical fiction and nonfiction texts. We will also begin our goal setting.

Wednesday/Thursday: We will start Achieve 3000 and students so continue their goal setting and reading their new IRB. We will also review text structures.

Friday: We will be reviewing and constructing complex sentence structures in reflection to our IRBs.

Homework: complete at least one ACHIEVE 3000 article by 10/15.