Science – week of February 19th

Today is the first day of the 5th grading cycle!  This is a great time to evaluate your organizational skills and make a goal to complete all assignments on-time!

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will complete the Six Kingdoms foldable and be assessed on the content.

HOMEWORK DUE Monday/Tuesday (2/26-2/27):  READ and answer ALL questions on pages #372-#382 in the textbook.

Wednesday/Thursday:  Due to STAAR RELEASED tests for Math and Reading, classes will be shortened to about 45 minutes.  We will take a quick assessment of student knowledge regarding analyzing a chart, then introduce Natural Selection.

Friday:  Students will begin a mini-lab on Natural Selection.

Extra Credit: Texas History 2-19-18

Follow the links below that correspond to your class to complete the extra credit. Only do the extra credit that corresponds to your Texas History class period.

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The expectation is that you make 1 initial post, and then write at least 1 response to a classmate’s post.

If you do not write 2 posts, you will not receive credit.

The password to access is Chargers1

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Algebra – Week of 2/19

Monday/Tuesday: Students will solve quadratic equations by completing the square and using the quadratic formula. Homework: Workbook lesson 10.5#10-18 and lesson 10.6#1-11(odd) and 19-21.

Wednesday/Thursday: Math/Reading test

Friday: Students will work on chapter 10 test review sheet. Homework: Finish review sheet and study for the test.

Math 7 Pre-AP – Week of 2/19

Tuesday: Students will review for Wednesday’s math test. Homework: Work on the review sheets.

Wednesday/Thursday: Math/Reading test. Students will also take chapter 4 vocabulary quiz in class.

Friday: Students will find the slope and the y-intercept of a line. Homework: Complete #1-8 on page 98-99 in green textbook.

Science – Week of February 12th

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will take the unit test on Genetics.  We will begin our next unit on Natural Selection, Adaptations, and Taxonomy.

HOMEWORK DUE FRIDAY:  READ and answer ALL questions on pages #362-#328.

**Students will need to bring 5-6 different leaves to class on Wednesday/Thursday. 

Wednesday/Thursday:  We will continue learning about dichotomous keys and levels of taxonomy (classification.)  Students will be assessed on how to complete a dichotomous key.

Friday:  We will review homework, then students will create a Six Kingdoms of Life foldable.