English – Week of May 14th

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday SHORT CLASS – Students will take the Cycle 6 Test over persuasive techniques and affixes.

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday LONG CLASS – Students will watch a film, based on a true story, about a 15-year-old boy named Simon Jackson, who uses the power of persuasion to try to convince the government to create a 2,500 square mile protected area for the Spirit Bear.

Friday – Students will learn background information for next week’s field trip.

PSA Upload

Science – Week of May 15th

**REMINDER:  All Parent IAN Reviews are due at the beginning of class on MONDAY/TUESDAY.  All EOY Reviews are due at the beginning of the class where you take your Final.

Monday:  Finals for periods #1 and #3.  During all of the afternoon classes this week, students will be working on a performance-based task where they will be creating a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) to float a can in water.

Tuesday:  Finals for periods #2 and #4

Wednesday:  Finals for periods #7 and #5

Thursday:  Finals for periods #8 and #6

Friday:  Charger Day – we will complete our PSAs on Personal Floatation Devices.

Yellowstone Trip Reminder

Every 7th grader received a packet of information last Friday in their History class about the upcoming Yellowstone trip in September.  As of today, we have filled half of our 44 spots available.  If you are interested in this amazing trip, please send the reservation form and deposit in as quickly as possible.

Washington, DC/Philadelphia Trip

Dear Parents and Students,

We have a few spots left for our EF Washington, D.C. & Philadelphia trip! This is a 6 day tour in June 2018 to Washington, D.C. & Philly! 24 people already enrolled. That means there are 11 guaranteed spots remaining. Remember the enrollment deadline is May 14th. ** We would really love to see all of these interested kids signed up by then, so please don’t forget!!! Check out our Tour Website:  http://www.efexploreamerica.com/1986901XF to find out which amazing cities, fun activities and cultural events we’ll be experiencing on tour. You can also review all that’s included in the program price, watch videos of the cities you will be visiting, and enroll online.  Our enrollment window closes on Sunday, May 14 at 10:59 PM. To enroll online, use the Tour Website link above or call Customer Service at 1-800-333-9756 (open Monday – Friday, 9 – 5 PM). Please e-mail Ms. Coffman Fujiwara (kcoffma1@houstonisd.org) if you have any general questions regarding this trip. If you have personal account questions please call Traveler Support at 888.333.9756.