Texas History 5-8/5-12

This week is STAAR testing, so the our class will be limited in what can do.

Final exams will be passed back in the next couple of days.

Selma permission slips are due Wednesday.

The District EOY will be given next week during the short periods Finals Week unless you are in 8th period. 8th period will take the EOY this Thursday during 8th period.

Extra Credit 5-1-17: Texas History

This is the LAST extra credit opportunity of the year. Thank you to everyone who participated in our discussions!

Follow the links below that correspond to your class to complete the extra credit. Only do the extra credit that corresponds to your Texas History class period.

Make sure you type your name on your post.

The expectation is that you make 1 initial post, and then write 1 response to a classmate’s post.

If you do not write 2 posts, you will not receive credit.

The password to access is Chargers1

Period 3: http://padlet.com/merzn/w8jk56b8l7x4

Period 7: http://padlet.com/merzn/cclax5h9wdmn

Period 2: http://padlet.com/merzn/oil77mzbmiry

Period 6: http://padlet.com/merzn/8egrfcind4sk

Period 8: http://padlet.com/merzn/z18nu9co00qs

Final Exam: Texas History

The Final Exam for Texas History will be given on Friday, May 5th. This will count as a unit test in Gradespeed. It is comprehensive.

Things to study/review for the Final Exam:

  • Texas Geography
  • European Exploration of Texas
  • Anglo Colonization of Texas
  • The Texas Revolution
  • The Texas Republic
  • Manifest Destiny
  • Annexation of Texas
  • The Mexican American War
  • The Civil War & Reconstruction
  • Texas in the Early 1900s
  • Texas and U.S. Government
  • The Great Depression and Dust Bowl
  • Progressives
  • Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v. The Board of Ed.
  • WWII
  • The 1960s

Permission Slip-Selma (Texas History)

In the next few class sessions of Texas History we will be looking at the 1960s. Specifically, we will be looking at the Civil Rights Movement. To supplement this topic I have decided to show the movie Selma. This movie is PG-13 and requires a permission slip in order for the students to view it. Attached is the permission slip with more information on the film and its rating. We are planning on viewing this film on May 15th through the 19th so permission slips need to be returned by May 10th.

Mr. Merz