Science – Week of December 11th

Monday/Tuesday:  We will complete our exploration of the Circulatory System, then assess our knowledge of the Respiratory and Circulatory Systems.

HOMEWORK due on Wednesday/Thursday, that was assigned on Friday:  Parents, it’s your turn to work.  Your students have been given a Parent IAN Review for you to complete.  Your student is expected to sit down with you and show/explain their Science InterActive Notebook (IAN) to you.  There are some sentence starters you may use to complete this assignment.  Feel free to use the back of the page, or even type out your response if you would like.  Your students have been working very hard in my class, as you will see, and I hope they are proud of what they have been learning.

Wednesday/Thursday:  Students will create a comic strip to demonstrate their knowledge of the Lymphatic/Immune System.  We will then begin reviewing for our Middle of the Year (MOY) Assessment to be given during Finals Week.

Friday:  MOY Review.

Science – Week of November 13th

A new grading cycle means a fresh start!  Students are encouraged to stay on top of their assignments throughout the grading cycle.  There are entirely too many late and/or missing assignments across the board in our classes.  If you are struggling with time management or organizational skills, please reach out to one of your teachers for help.  We try to model these skills by being prepared for you each day!

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will experience the interdependence of the skeletal and muscular systems by dissecting a chicken wing.

Homework that was assigned on Friday, due on Wednesday/Thursday:  Read and answer all questions on #460-#463 and #438-#441.

Wednesday/Thursday:  We will explore the Digestive System through various hands-on activities.

Friday:  Knowledge of the Skeletal, Muscular, and Digestive Systems will be assessed on a quiz.

Science – Week of November 6th

The 2nd Grading Cycle ENDS ON FRIDAY!!  PLEASE review Gradespeed and get all missing assignments submitted no later than THURSDAY!

Monday:  Students will present their Cell Organelle Projects and take the Unit 2 test.  Time permitting, we will introduce the Body Systems Unit.

Tuesday:  Students will take the Unit 2 test.  We will introduce the Body Systems Unit and begin identifying bones of the body.

Wednesday/Thursday:  The Unit 2 test will be returned and students will update their Goals Sheet.  We will discuss the Muscular System and participate in a lab.

Friday:  We will introduce the Digestive System.

Science – Week of October 30th

Monday/Tuesday:  We will continue analyzing cell organelle analogies via a scavenger hunt.  We will introduce parts of the microscope and how to properly use a microscope.

HOMEWORK:  Cell Organelle Analogy Projects that were assigned on October 28th/29th are due on Wednesday/Thursday.  These projects were worked on in class all day on Friday.

Wednesday/Thursday:  CELL PROJECTS ARE DUE!!  Students will have an opportunity to view some of the other projects in class as they are completing their Unit 2 Study Guides.

Friday:  Unit 2 TEST on Cell Theory, Cell Organelles, and Microscopes.

Quizlet for the Unit 2 Test:

Science – Week of October 23rd

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will take an IAN Review Quiz.  We will continue comparing prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic cells, and will begin diagramming cell organelles.

Wednesday/Thursday:  Homework from pages #406-#414 will be reviewed.  We will take a short quiz on the information covering the Cell Theory and related Scientists.  Students will create a Cell Diagram Booklet.  We will introduce the Cell Analogies Project.

Friday:  This is the ONLY day students may work on their Cell Analogies Project in class.  All remaining work must be completed outside of school.  DUE DATE IS November 1st/2nd.


Science – Week of October 9th

This is the first week of the SECOND Grading Cycle.

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will analyze food labels to determine the biomolecule (macromolecule) content.

HOMEWORK:  Study Guides are due on Wednesday/Thursday for Friday’s test.

Wednesday/Thursday:  We will complete any remaining activities related to biomolecules, then review the study guide in preparation for Friday’s Unit 1 test.

Friday:  Unit 1 test covering Scientific Method, variables, atomic structure, Periodic Table, biomolecules, and Organic Compounds.

The QUIZLET for the Unit 1 test is available at:

Report Cards will be coming home on Friday!