Science – Week of April 17th

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will receive their Plants test back and have an opportunity to do test corrections if they scored less than a 75%.  We will then use GIZMOs to simulate Food Chains to investigate Energy Transfer.  Students MUST do the “Extend Your Thinking” as explained in class.

HOMEWORK due on Monday, 4-24/Tuesday, 4-25:  READ and answer ALL questions on pages #222-#229 in preparation for studying Watersheds.

Wednesday/Thursday:  Quiz on Ecology.

Friday:  We will review Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition to see how the land is affected.


CMU “Hackers” Competition

Attention all students who love critical thinking!!  Carnegie Mellon University is running a Cybersecurity Competition that started today and runs through April 14th.  The contest is FREE and is open to all students in grades 6-12.  Our 6th grade Robotics class logged on and entered the competition today, and so far they are hooked!  Please view this website for more details:

Science – Week of April 3rd

Monday/Tuesday:  Students should have viewed the Brainpop video on PLANT GROWTH prior to attending class.  Any Plants Webquest handouts that were not submitted in class are due.  We will cover Ecology vocabulary including Feeding Relationships and Symbiotic Relationships.

HOMEWORK DUE FRIDAY:  Read and answer ALL questions on pages #42-#49.

Wednesday/Thursday:  Students will rotate to various stations to explore the parts/functions of a plant, as well as examples of plant adaptations.

Friday:  We will review the homework due today, then complete the plant stations.  Handouts are due at the end of class.

Science – Week of March 27th

Monday, 3/27 is a Charger Day:  We will complete our Biodiversity lesson, continue with our seed germination observations, and begin our review for Thursday/Friday’s test on Ecological Succession.

Tuesday/Wednesday:  We will be seeing students for about 30 minutes of each content class after STAAR testing.  In Science, we will continue with our seed germination observations, review tropisms, and complete our review for the Ecological Succession test.

Thursday (Green)/Friday (Blue):  Unit test on Ecological Succession.  We will go more in-depth with our plants unit.