Monday:  Finals for 1st and 3rd

Tuesday:  Finals for 2nd and 4th

Wednesday:  Finals for 7th and 5th

Thursday:  Finals for 8th and 6th

Friday:  Charger Day

When student are not taking their final, they will be working on and completing their Personal Floatation Device (PFD) major grade project.

Science – Week of May 14th

MondaySTAAR Math

Blue Day: Return Quiz, begin working on EOY Study Guide

Tuesday STAAR Reading

Green Day: Return Quiz, begin working on EOY Study Guide

Wednesday – IPC Placement for 2 hours, then stay in assigned rooms to work on core content activities until 12:30pm.

Blue Day – complete Study Guide

Thursday – 7th grade stays in Cluster: 5 rotations =

8:07-9:05 rotation 1

9:05-9:55 rotation 2

9:55-10:45 rotation 3

10:45-11:35 rotation 4

11:35-12:30 rotation 5

During the non-core rotation, students will complete the student survey, and Naviance, if necessary. Students may then watch Brainpop videos ONLY!

Science rotation: Google Doodles on a Science word.

Green Day – complete Study Guide

FridayCharger Day: Introduce PFD project.

Science – Week of May 7th

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will explore the concept of watersheds and the human impact on those areas.

HOMEWORK that is due on Wednesday/Thursday, that was assigned on May 2nd/3rd:  READ and answer ALL questions on pages #262-#269 in the Science textbook.

Wednesday/Thursday:  We will review the homework that is due, and continue our lesson on groundwater, watersheds, and human impact.

HOMEWORK:  Students need to research and find their watershed address.

Friday:  QUIZ on groundwater, watersheds, and human impact.

Science – Week of April 30th

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will be working on their Ecoregions project that was assigned in class on Friday.

Homework due on Wednesday/Thursday that was assigned on 4/25-4/26:  READ and answer ALL questions on pages #222-#229.

Wednesday/Thursday:  Students will finish their projects and present them to the class.  Each student has a rubric on the back of their project instructions.

Friday:  We will discuss the human impacts of groundwater.

Science – Week of April 23rd

Monday/Tuesday:  We will review and discuss “Examining the Stages of Ecological Succession” on page #152 in the IAN.  Students will then complete the unit test STUDY GUIDE on Energy Flow, Catastrophic Events, and Ecological Succession.

Wednesday/Thursday:  Students will take the UNIT TEST on Energy Flow, Catastrophic Events, and Ecological Succession.  We will then review landforms as they relate to weathering, erosion, and deposition.

Friday:  We will begin a project on Texas Ecoregions.

Dinner Conversation Topic

Hello Charger Parents and Students,

As a possible dinnertime conversation tonight, I encourage our students to ask our parents what impact they think re-introducing wolves had on the Yellowstone National Park ecosystem.  Hopefully, our students can explain what actually happened in their own words.  You may then want to watch a short 4-minute video called, “How Wolves Change Rivers.”  Feel free to share any conversations with me you found interesting.

Science – Week of April 16th

Monday/Tuesday:  We will wrap up energy flow and review energy transformations.  We will introduce Catastrophic Events.

HOMEWORK that is due on FRIDAY:  READ and answer ALL questions on pages #208-#218.

Wednesday/Thursday:  Our discussion of catastrophic events will continue with an emphasis on how the ecosystem recovers during ecological succession.

Friday:  Review for an assessment on Energy Flow, Catastrophic Events and Ecological Succession.