Math 7 Pre-AP – Week of 9/25

Tuesday: Students will take a quiz on chapter 1. Students will also learn how to use scientific notation. Homework: Worksheet 2.1 and 2.2

Thursday: Students will work on chapter 1 and 2 test review sheet in class. Homework: Finish test review sheet and study for the test.

Friday: Students will take a test on chapter 1 and 2. Homework: Chapter 5 and 6 vocabulary 4 square.

Math 7 Pre-AP – Week of 9/11

Tuesday: Students will be introduced to 7th grade math Pre-AP expectations and classroom procedures. Homework: Read the syllabus and complete page 4 in textbook.

Thursday: Students will take a pre-assessment. Homework: Complete page TX15 and TX16 in your blue textbook.

Friday: Students will complete item analysis worksheet for the pre-assessment. Homework: Chapter 1.1 vocabulary 4 square.

Math 7 Pre-AP – Week of 5/1

Tuesday: Students will work on STAAR review activity. Homework: STAAR review worksheet.

Thursday: Students will finish all the mini-assessments and STAAR review activity packets. Homework: STAAR review worksheet.

Friday: Students will work on corrections on all mini-assessments. Homework: Finish all the corrections.