English Week of 12/4


Author’s Craft: Write a rough draft of modern tall tale

Syntax Skills: NRI prepositional phrases and punctuation, due 12/15

Homework: Complete at least one Achieve 3000 article, due 12/10



Syntax Skills: Create lessons to review punctuation

Listening/Speaking Assessment: Present punctuation lessons




Author’s Craft: Revise/edit rough draft


English – Inc

Cycle 2 grades have been verified and submitted. If you have an incomplete be sure to check in on gradespeed to see what work you are missing. You will have until 11/29 at 8:07 am to turn in missing work in order for your cycle 2 grade to be properly adjusted.  It is imperative that we adhere to all due dates so that an incomplete(s) and missing work do not hinder our grades. Let’s not take too much advantage of the ability to turn in late assignments.

English Week of 11/13

Welcome to Unit 3! This unit we will our ask ourselves two essential questions:

  • Under what conditions do real life and the supernatural collide?
  • Do all conflicts have a resolution? 

This week:

Monday/ TuesdayDirect Instruction: Notes on Fables, Myths, Legends, Tall Tales, and Epics. Literacy Practice: Read and analyze “Echo” p 644-645 in Lit book

Wednesday/ ThursdayDirect Instruction: Notes on conflict. Literacy Practice: Read and analyze myths (Poetry/Story pairs)

Friday: Independent Practice: Serving up theme (myths)

Homework: Complete One Achieve 3000 Article (above a 75) by 11/19.