Week of 10/16



Tuesday/ Wednesday/


Warm-up: Read silently for 15 minutes (Historical Fiction/Nonfiction W/ 1 Notice & Note Signpost)
Literacy Practice (Stations): Analyzing differing texts: Compare/Contrast, Cause/Effect, Chronological, Problem/Solution, Descriptive/Categorical

Author’s Craft: Writing expository texts *Teacher led*

Homework: Complete at least one Achieve 3000 article, due 10/22

Exit Ticket: Complex Sentences *Plickers*
Friday Warm-up: SWABIs and THAMOs, What’s up with that – part 2?
Syntax Skills: Complex sentences with SWABIs and THAMOs in the middle

Homework: Complete at least one Achieve 3000 article, due 10/22

Exit Ticket: Write three complex sentences about your IRB

For Achieve 3000 Homework


Learning Assessment

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Type HOUSTON.ITSLEARNING.COM into the address bar.
  3. Select LOGIN WITH HOUSTONISD ACCOUNT on the right side of the screen.
  4. Select DIGITAL RESOURCES from the top menu.
  6. Select Achieve3000 from the directory.
  7. Click English and Login
  8. Go to the career center in choose an optimal career.
  9. Go to the mailbox at the top of the page.
  10. Choose one Unit Assignment from me in your mailbox.
  11. Complete at least one article on Achieve 3000 a week for homework. In order to improve upon your Lexile number you should complete and receive a 70 on three articles in a week.
  12. I have attached annotation tips for those who would like to use them while working on the assignment.


ENGLISH Week of 10/9

Hooray! This marks the first week of cycle two! This week marks the beginning of our expository segment!

Monday/Tuesday: students will learn the difference between personal narratives and expository texts. We will also start reading our historical fiction and nonfiction texts. We will also begin our goal setting.

Wednesday/Thursday: We will start Achieve 3000 and students so continue their goal setting and reading their new IRB. We will also review text structures.

Friday: We will be reviewing and constructing complex sentence structures in reflection to our IRBs.

Homework: complete at least one ACHIEVE 3000 article by 10/15.

English Week of 10/2

Monday/Tuesday :

Literacy Practice: Read and annotate “Lamb to Slaughter” and analyze for plot, characterization, 3 of 6 Notice & Note signposts with a partner

Homework: Read IRB and complete N&N bookmark #2 for extra credit, due 10/06

Wednesday/ Thursday:

Author’s Craft: Cycle One Reflection Letter

Literacy Practice: Complete “Serving Up Theme” plate using “Lamb to Slaughter” as a table group

Homework: Read IRB and complete N&N bookmark #2 for extra credit, due 10/06


Literacy Practice: Visit library to check out IRB and begin reading

Homework: Read IRB and complete N&N bookmark, due 10/13

Google Classroom Instructions

Join a Google Classroom

  1. Open Google Chrome and search for Google Classroom
  2. Select “Sign In”
  3. If prompted, provide your HISD e-mail:S#######@online.houstonisd.org
  4. Note: *if another sign in pops up enter your gradespeed sign in information.
  5. Once signed in, click the “+” icon at the top right banner.
  6. Choose “Join class.”
  7. Enter the class code:
  8. Click Join.
  9. You will now see your class when logged into Google Classroom.

Attach or create items for your assignment

  1. If your teacher attached a file, click the thumbnail to open and review it.
  2. (Optional) To attach an item:
    1. Next to Add, click the Down arrow  Drive , Link , or File .
    2. Select the attachment or enter the URL for a link and clickAdd.
  3. (Optional) To create a new attachment:
    1. Next to Create, click the Down arrow and select the file type.

Under Your work, a new file appears.

  1. Click the file and enter your information.

Note: You can attach or create more than one file.

  1. (Optional) To remove an attachment, click Remove.
  2. (Optional) Add a private comment to your teacher and clickPost.
  3. ClickTurn In and confirm.

The status of the assignment changes to Done.

Class Codes:

One: q9lhvb

Three: fvm7ru

Two: 1jl1nf4

Four: n49fg86

Six: pqsrx5

please view the google classroom site for No red ink instructions.

Fiction Books for Hispanic Heritage Month

As some of you may know, Hispanic Heritage Month spans from September 15 to October 15th. It is important for our readers to work with ‘window books’ just as much as ‘mirror’ ones. This means that as a growing reader you should be able to see other people as much as you see yourself in a book. Below, I have attached a list of fictional text to help your reader get started with looking through as well as understanding the complex diversity of those windows.National_Hispanic_Heritage_Month_

Hispanic Heritage Month Books

English Week of 9/25




Warm-up: Read silently for 20 minutes
Literacy Practice: Read and annotate the narrative poem, “The circus”, and analyze for plot, characterization, 3 of 6 Notice & Note signposts, and how the story is a SELFie as a table group

Homework: Read IRB 

Exit Ticket: Survey Says… (Things in common: most, some, few, none)


Warm-up: Review FANBOYS notes (5min)
Syntax Skills: FANBOYS Quiz on No Red Ink

Author’s Craft: Type and submit a personal narrative final draft

Homework: Complete submission of final draft due Friday

Exit Ticket: IRB Tweet (140 character max, at least one hashtag)
Friday Warm-up: Expectations for Peer Conferencing and N&N bookmark check
Literacy Practice: Peer Conferences

Homework: Complete N & N bookmark #2, due 10/06

Exit Ticket: N&N “Words of the Wiser” from your life