English Week 2/26

Monday/Tuesday: Students will continue expository review with a prompt sort activity and work in teams to create text structure anchor charts

Wednesday/Thursday: Students will compare persuasive and expository texts and take progress monitoring test if needed.

Friday: Students will work to grade their own STAAR practice composition using their rubrics.

English Week of 2/12

Monday/ Tuesday: Review for cycle 4 test

Signed Ren360 reports due.

Wednesday/ Thursday: Cycle 4 test

Friday: Expository Scavenger Hunt

The cycle ends on 2/16. It is imperative that any missing assignments are submitted by this date. 

English week of 2/9

We will continue our stations for poetry and drama.

The Achieve 3000 alternative assignment. is an option for the rest of the year. Students may use this if they are having trouble signing in or would like more options for articles.

Station work will be collected on 2/9 where I will be looking to check for late work (2 original poems and 2 poetry responses) as well as the 3 original poems and 3 poetry responses that were assigned on 1/30. If students need more time they will be able to follow the link for instructions here: Station work Instructions


Achieve 3000 due 2/11
Original poems (3) & Poetry Response (3) 2/9 (if not completed in class)

Achieve 3000 alternative assignment.

As per several conversations I have had with students and lack of access on my own account, I have created an alternative assignment for those who can not complete Achieve 3000 on campus.

Your new assignment is to find an article of your choice on Newsela.com and to write a AT LEAST a 2 paragraph (a minimum of 10 sentences) response on the article. Response should include, but are not limited to, the overall topic, why this article peaked your interest, whether you agree or disagree (if it is an opinion peace), your initial impression before you read and your current impressions. You should also be using textual evidence. Be sure you place the title of the article and name of the author. 

This assignment will be due by Friday 2/2 and will be a replacement for Achieve 3000 until the tech has been fixed. Again, this is only for students who can not complete the task on campus and are having troubles signing in at home, off the HISD network.


English Week 1/29

This week we will be continuing out stations that focus on both drama and poetry.

Act 2 quiz 1/29 and 1/30

Complete one Achieve3000 by 2/4

As I have started to look over and grade station work, I have noticed many students are neglecting to complete their expected assignments. I will be returning notebooks at the beginning of the week with feedback on the work that was submitted. If students feel like the allotted time per station (20 min ever Blue/ Green day) is not enough for them to complete expected tasks, they are more than welcome either ask for pass during team time or complete the assignments at home. I have listed expectations on the Blog entry titled Station work Instructions.  Do be sure to read instructions thoroughly to receive full credit.

Our next collection of work will be 2/9 where an additional 3 original poems and 3 more poetry analysis. During the collection of this work students will have the opportunity to resubmit any poetry station work that was due at a previous time.