English Week of May 7th

This week we will conduct research, draft and finalize our persuasive brochures for ecotourism. They will be due on Friday during class. Students who have the Algebra EOC, will be responsible to work outside of class with their partners in order to turn work in on time.

Homework: Achieve 3000 #4 due Sunday May 13th**

**Mother’s day is not an excuse for late work, it is expected that those who have previous engagements complete work ahead of time.

English Week of April 30th.


STAAR Reading Passage #5** Direct Instruction: Analyzing Persuasive Texts


STAAR Reading Passage #6** Response to Literature: Analyze a persuasive text (independent)


Direct Instruction: Eco-Tourism Campaign


Homework: Achieve 3000 # 3  due: 5/6

English Week of 4/2

With one week until STAAR Writing, this week we will spend a copious amount of our time review and reflecting

Monday/ Tuesday: Students will take a 24 question revision and editing STAAR  practice test as their unit exam. They will later receive their Final Expository grades and reflect and improve on their writing in preparation for the test on 4/11.

Wednesday/ Thursday: Students will reflect on their independent reading text by creating STAAR stem questions in response to the book they read during class.

Friday: Students will review for STAAR.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” -Abraham Lincoln