Algebra – Week of 10/16

Monday/Tuesday: Students will write equations of parallel and perpendicular lines. Homework: Workbook lesson 5.5#1-15 (for #1-12, write the equations in point-slope form).

Wednesday/Thursday: Students will make scatter plots, write equations to model data, and make predictions using best-fitting lines. Homework: Workbook lesson 5.6#1-9 and 5.7#7-22

Friday: Students will work on chapter 5 test review sheet. Homework: Finish test review sheet and study for test.

Algebra – Week of 10/2

Monday/Tuesday: Students will solve literal equations and graph linear equations using intercepts. Homework: workbook lesson 4.1#5-13(odd), 4.2#1-17(odd), and 4.3#1-21(odd).

Wednesday/Thursday: Students will find the slope of a line, graph linear equations using slope-intercept form, and write direct variation equations. Homework: Workbook lesson 4.4#1-24, 4.5#1-11(odd), and 4.6#1-3, 11-17(odd).

Friday: Students will work on chapter 4 test review sheet in class. Homework: finish review sheet and study for test.

Algebra – Week of 9/25

Monday/Tuesday: Students will solve one-step, two-step, and multi-step equations. Homework: Workbook lesson 3.1#1-17(odd), 3.2#1-9(odd), 3.3#1-11(odd) and 3.4#4-13.

Wednesday/Thursday: Students will solve literal equation and graph linear equations using intercepts. Homework: Quiz review sheet and study for quiz.

Friday: Students will take a quiz on solving equations. Homework: Solving equation worksheet.

Algebra – Week of 9/11

Monday/Tuesday: Students will evaluate algebraic expressions using order of operations and translate verbal phrases into equations or inequalities. Homework: Workbook lesson 1.1#1, 3, 5, 7, 17, 19, 21, 1.2#11-21(odd only), 1.3#1-8, and 1.4#1-5, 8, 9.

Wednesday/Thursday: Students will represent functions as rules, tables, and graphs. Homework: Complete workbook lesson 1.6#1-8 and 1.7#1-8 and Domain and Range worksheet.

Friday: Students will learn how to apply the distributive property. Homework: Workbook lesson 2.1#12-14, 2.2#11-21(odd only), 2.3#13-23(odd only), 2.5#1-21(odd only).