Washington, D.C./New York City 2019

Ms. Hsu and Ms. Coffman Fujiwara are organizing a trip to Washington, D.C. and New York City for June 2019, through EF Explore America.  Information forms went out to all students in Science class yesterday and today.  There is a competition between ALL 7th grade Science classes for a pizza party for the most RSVPs received by end of the day on Monday.  You do not have to RSVP that you are coming, you just need to return the form to Ms. Coffman Fujiwara.  Currently, for 7C, 1st period is in the lead!  We hope to see you all at the Interest Meeting on Tuesday evening at 6pm in the Cafeteria.

Science – week of February 19th

Today is the first day of the 5th grading cycle!  This is a great time to evaluate your organizational skills and make a goal to complete all assignments on-time!

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will complete the Six Kingdoms foldable and be assessed on the content.

HOMEWORK DUE Monday/Tuesday (2/26-2/27):  READ and answer ALL questions on pages #372-#382 in the textbook.

Wednesday/Thursday:  Due to STAAR RELEASED tests for Math and Reading, classes will be shortened to about 45 minutes.  We will take a quick assessment of student knowledge regarding analyzing a chart, then introduce Natural Selection.

Friday:  Students will begin a mini-lab on Natural Selection.

Science – Week of February 12th

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will take the unit test on Genetics.  We will begin our next unit on Natural Selection, Adaptations, and Taxonomy.

HOMEWORK DUE FRIDAY:  READ and answer ALL questions on pages #362-#328.

**Students will need to bring 5-6 different leaves to class on Wednesday/Thursday. 

Wednesday/Thursday:  We will continue learning about dichotomous keys and levels of taxonomy (classification.)  Students will be assessed on how to complete a dichotomous key.

Friday:  We will review homework, then students will create a Six Kingdoms of Life foldable.

Science – Week of February 5th

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will be assessed on their knowledge of genetics vocabulary.  We will then create a Gene Man, and finish class practicing Punnett Squares.

Homework due on Friday:  answer the questions on page #573-#575.  You must EXPLAIN your answers!

Wednesday/Thursday:  Quiz on genotypes, phenotypes, and Punnett Squares.  We will simulate mating mice using a Gizmo.

Friday:  Students will complete the study guide for the Genetics Unit Test to be given on 2/12 and 2/13.

Honor Roll Celebration

Thank you to the parents who graciously donated money for doughnuts, volunteered to order and pick up the doughnuts, and who are helping serve our Honor Roll Student Scholars on Monday morning during Team Time.  We really appreciate your generosity!