Science – Week of October 16th

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will be introduced to the levels of organization as they relate to organisms.  Ask your students what we mean by “RAREHOGG.”

Homework due on Wednesday/Thursday (previously assigned on Friday during class):  READ and answer ALL questions on pages #394-#402.

Wednesday/Thursday:  We will return and review the Unit 1 test.  Students will complete a project related to the assigned homework, then complete a foldable on the Cell Theory.  Ask your students what some people used to think mice originated from.

Friday:  Students will compare and contrast Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic cells.

Let’s Go ASTROS!!

Science – Week of October 9th

This is the first week of the SECOND Grading Cycle.

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will analyze food labels to determine the biomolecule (macromolecule) content.

HOMEWORK:  Study Guides are due on Wednesday/Thursday for Friday’s test.

Wednesday/Thursday:  We will complete any remaining activities related to biomolecules, then review the study guide in preparation for Friday’s Unit 1 test.

Friday:  Unit 1 test covering Scientific Method, variables, atomic structure, Periodic Table, biomolecules, and Organic Compounds.

The QUIZLET for the Unit 1 test is available at:

Report Cards will be coming home on Friday!

Science – Week of October 2nd

Welcome to October!

Monday/Tuesday:  We will begin reviewing the Periodic Table and atomic structure.  These are 6th grade concepts, but it is important that we focus our attention on the elements that form our Organic Compounds.

Homework that is due on Wednesday/Thursday (this was assigned on Friday):  READ and answer ALL questions on pages #8-#16, and READ page #22.

Students who scored below a 75% on the Variables Quiz will be given an opportunity to average that grade with an alternate assignment on variables.

Wednesday/Thursday:  Students will demonstrate their knowledge of atomic structure as it relates to elements and compounds.

Friday:  We will introduce the concept of biomolecules/macromolecules.

Homework that will be due on Wednesday/Thursday:  READ and answer ALL questions on pages #86-#95.


Science – Week of September 25th

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will work in their lab groups to create and conduct a paper airplane investigation.  The lab paper was distributed in class on Wednesday/Thursday, with the instruction to complete section #2 before coming to class.

HOMEWORK DUE ON FRIDAY:  Students will need to complete BOTH the SpongeBob Variable handout AND the Airplane Lab.

Wednesday/Thursday:  Complete the Airplane Lab that will be submitted for a MAJOR GRADE on Friday.

HOMEWORK:  Study for a QUIZ on Scientific Method and Variables.

Friday:  Knowledge of Variables will be assessed on a Quiz.

I will be chaperoning an 8th grade trip to Yellowstone on Monday-Wednesday.  If you have any immediate 7C concerns, please contact Mr. Merz.  Otherwise, you may e-mail me and I will respond, coverage permitting.

Have a great long weekend!



Science – Week of September 18th

Hello 7C Students and Parents,

Hopefully you have now found our blog!  If this is your first week checking out the blog, feel free to scroll through last week to see what kinds of information you may have missed.  We hope to see you all at Open House on Tuesday, 9/20 at 6:00pm.

Monday-Tuesday:  Students will complete their Scientific Tools and Measurement Stations and turn their data sheet in for a grade.  We will then begin discussing Scientific Method, including observations, inferences, and the differences between theory and law.

HOMEWORK:  Students need to choose ANY picture to observe.  After studying the picture, students need to list FIVE (5) QUALITATIVE Observations AND FIVE (5) QUANTITATIVE Observations.

Wednesday-Thursday:  We will review the steps of the Scientific Method.  Students will record notes on the types of variables and the expectations for graphing.

REMINDER:  No School on Friday!

Science – Week of September 11th

Welcome Back 7C Chargers!!  We have certainly had an interesting beginning of the year!  But, we are back now, and we are going to do what we know how to do, and that’s “do school!”  If you have had some circumstances that you feel may be beneficial for our cluster teachers to be aware of, please do not hesitate to share your information with me, Ms. Coffman Fujiwara at, and I can get that info out to my teammates.

Monday-Tuesday:  We will set the classroom expectations for Science in room C-112.  We will begin setting up our IAN (InterActive Notebook,) and we will review the procedure for Daily “Do Nows.”  We will begin our review of Safety.

HOMEWORK DUE on Wednesday/Thursday:  Please sign and return the Safety Contract.

Wednesday-Thursday:  Students will take a Beginning of the Year assessment that will be used solely for diagnostic purposes.  We will then complete our Safety foldable in preparation for the Safety Quiz on Friday.

Friday:  Students will take a short Safety Quiz that will be graded.  We will then begin a review of Measurement and Lab Equipment.

We are looking forward to a very productive year in 7th grade Science!