Algebra – Week of 12/4

Monday/Tuesday: Students will use zero and negative exponents. Students will also read and write numbers in scientific notation. Homework: Workbook lesson 8.3#1-24 and 8.4#1-23(odd).

Wednesday/Thursday: Students will write and graph exponential growth and decay functions. Homework: Complete Powerful products and quotients worksheet.

Friday: Students will take a quiz on exponent rules. Students will also work on the midterm review sheet. Homework: Midterm review.

Math 7 Pre-AP Week of 12/4

Tuesday: Students will take a quiz on chapter 7. Students will also learn how to use the Pythagorean Theorem to solve problems. Homework: Lesson 8.1 and 8.2 worksheet.

Thursday: Students will learn how to use the distance formula to solve problems. Homework: Distance formula worksheet.

Friday: Students will work on chapter 7 and 8 FACEing math activity. Homework: Complete page 239 and 240 in green textbook.

Math 7 Pre-AP – Week of 11/27

Tuesday: Students will learn about the special angle relationships formed when parallel lines are intersected by a transversal. Homework: Complete page 197 in green textbook.

Thursday: Students will learn about angle theorems. Homework: Complete page 205-206 #8-15 in green textbook.

Friday: Students will learn about angle-angle similarity. Homework: Complete page 215-216 in green textbook.

Algebra – Week of 11/13

Monday/Tuesday: Students will solve systems of linear inequalities. Homework: Workbook lesson 7.6 #1-12

Wednesday/Thursday: Students will work on word problems and calculator activity. Homework: Work on chapter 7 test review sheet.

Friday: Students will work on solving systems of equations worksheet. Homework: Work on chapter 7 test review sheet.