7C Cluster Meeting Notes

This morning during Team Time, our cluster met to go back over some POMS policies that some students have begun to “forget.”  Please ask your student about the meeting and see if they can recall that we discussed dress code, which is specifically detailed in the planner on pages #12-#13.  We also discussed cell phones and gum, which are on pages #6 and #7 of the planner.  We reminded students that cluster hallways are for the use of the students with classes in those specific hallways, and that if they are in the hallways during class times, then they must have their planner in their possession.

We reiterated what Mrs. Graves said in her blog this week about “slime/goo” not coming to school.

We did forget to mention to the students that in an effort to reduce the noise levels in the hallways during lunch transitions, students will be taking their lunches to their 5th/6th period classes from now on, including PE.  We will explain this to all students on Tuesday when we have the students in our 6th period classes.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail us.