Science – Week of December 12th

It’s the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!  So excited to see Winter Break is upon us!  This last week is a busy one!

Monday:  MOY (Middle of the Year) Assessment for 1st period.

Tuesday:  MOY (Middle of the Year) Assessment for 4th period.

Wednesday:  MOY (Middle of the Year) Assessment for 7th period.

Thursday:  MOY (Middle of the Year) Assessment for 8th and 6th period.

In addition to the MOY, we will begin a Heart Rate Lab and view “Osmosis Jones” to see the interdependence between the human body systems.

Parents, I truly value the feedback I received on your IAN Reviews.  7th grade is a heavy emphasis on Life Science (Biology) so the lab opportunities are not as extensive as Physical and Earth Science.  When we return from break, our students will be participating in a Rat Dissection lab.  In the past, there has been apprehension beforehand, but consistently, the students have rated this as their most memorable experience in my class.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy, and relaxing Winter Break!  We hope to all come back refreshed and ready for a productive Spring Semester!