5.2 Test: Texas History

The 5.2 Texas History Test will be given next week. Next week has a different schedule due to finals week. Because of this, our testing schedule is as follows:

3rd Period: Wednesday

7th Period: Monday

2nd Period: Thursday

6th Period: Tuesday

8th Period : Tuesday

Study Guide is linked here: unit-5-2-study-guide

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
8:07-10:25 1st Period 2nd Period 7th Period 8th Period
10:30-11:00 Team Time Team Time Team Time Team Time
11:05-1:40 3rd Period & Lunch 4th Period & Lunch 5th Period & Lunch 6th Period & Lunch Lunch: 12:00-12:35
1:45-2:35 5th Period 6th Period 3rd Period 4th Period
2:40-3:30 7th Period 8th Period 1st Period 2nd Period

During the long periods we will be watching The Alamo movie and completing a corresponding assignment.