English – Week of December 5th

**Cycle 3 Test is next week during the long class period. Students should know how to diagram simple, compound, and complex sentences AND adjectives and adverbs.

Monday/Tuesday – Students will take a quiz over AMSND Act III and read Act IV. Students will also continue planning their original myth. HW: none

Wednesday/Thursday – Students will have the entire period to to create a digital story board of their original myth. Story boards will be presented to the class after taking the Cycle 3 Test. HW: Finish story board if needed

Friday – Students will read AMSND Act V then take a quiz over Acts IV and V. HW: Study for the Cycle 3 Test and finish story board if needed

EXTRA CREDIT: Students may create a wanted poster for a character in AMSND. You must include an illustrated photo of the character, a list of his or her “criminal” activities or mischief-making, physical description, where last seen, probable whereabouts, and the reward being offered. Students may earn up to 10 points for completing this activity.