Science – Week of October 17th

Wow!!  If you haven’t been to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons…find a way to get there!  I was absolutely fascinated by the various geologic features, landscapes, wildlife, and the surrounding communities.  The fact that the weather was about 60 degrees cooler also made me happy!  I am glad to be back at Pin Oak, and I will work very hard this week to get all of my grades caught up in Gradespeed.  Thank you to our students who were very well-behaved for Mrs. Kilday.  Great job!

Monday/Tuesday:  We will be differentiating between the various structures and functions of the cell organelles.  I will be grading textbook pages #418-#428.  I will collect the Cell Diagram booklets on Wednesday/Thursday as the information we review in class today may be beneficial in completing the booklet.

HOMEWORK:  The STUDY GUIDE and the CELL ORGANELLE PROJECTS will be due on October 26th/October 27th.  These will be distributed and discussed in class, and there will be time to work on these the rest of the week.

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday:  Students will be given time to work on their Study Guides and Cell Organelle Projects.

***Note about Wednesday:  my 1st period class will be meeting in A-121.  Be sure to bring ALL materials you need, as you will not be permitted back into the 7C Hallway during PSAT testing for 8th graders.