Algebra – Week of 9/12

Monday/Tuesday: Students will plot points and graph linear equations using intercepts in a coordinate plane. Students will also find the slope of a line. Homework: Workbook lesson 4.1#1-15(odd), 4.2#1-15(odd), 4.3#1-17(odd), and 4.4#4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13, 23, 24.

Wednesday/Thursday: Students will graph linear equations using slope-intercept form, write direct variation equations and learn how to use function notation. Homework: Finish the test review sheet and study for the test.

Friday: Students will assess their knowledge and understanding of chapter 3 and 4 through a test. Homework: Complete page 280 #1-12 in textbook. Define the key vocabulary on page 281.

*If you still want to re-take Chapter 1 and 2 test, you need to do that before Friday.