Science – Week of August 29th

We had a GREAT first week of school!  I was very surprised at how much energy everyone maintained throughout the week…keep up the good job!

Monday/Tuesday:  We will begin exploring Scientific Inquiry, focusing on observations vs. inferences.

HOMEWORK:  Using a picture of your choice, list at least 5 quantitative observations, 5 qualitative observations, and make at least three possible inferences.

***FOR ADVO ON TUESDAY:  Students will need to bring their copy of “A Long Walk to Water” and the signed page #15 (by parents and students) from their planner to give to their ADVO teacher.

Wednesday/Thursday:  We will complete the Language of Science Do Nows that we started last week, and turn them in for a grade.  We will participate in a Scientific Inquiry activity.

Friday:  Students will take a diagnostic Beginning of the Year (BOY) assessment, which will NOT be entered into Gradespeed.

See you all on THURSDAY evening for Open House from 6pm-8pm.