Science – Week of May 9th

Well, it’s finally here…testing week 2016!

On Wednesday of this week, we will take the End-of-Year District Assessment for Science, which will count as the final for my class.  It will be entered as a grade into Gradespeed.  We have been working on a study guide, and the students should also be reviewing all of the notes they have in their IAN.

On Friday, we will begin a research and project-based challenge where the students will be designing and testing a Personal Floatation Device (PFD).  Their device must be affixed to a can of soup within 30 seconds, and the can must float for at least one minute.  Some part of the can must touch the water at all times.  I will be providing materials for the students to construct their PFD in class with their lab groups.  This will also count as a grade during Finals Week, which is next week.

As I keep saying, we all have worked so hard this year, and summer is very close…FINISH STRONG!