ELA: Reading & Writing week of 05.09.16

Good luck readers on the STAAR Reading test tomorrow. You are ready, and I am optimistic you’ll do well!

In TEAM Time sessions this week, you should be working to finish revising and rewriting a second draft of your poetry anthology.  We will revise the second draft and begin publishing in class this Friday.  Your poetry anthology is one major grade for this six weeks grading period. It is due during the finals period for your ELA class. If you intend to type out and publish via the computer for your final product, you should plan to have that done when you arrive to the finals block for your class period next week. If you are doing it by hand, then you will have some time that day to publish your product. The second major grade for this grading cycle will also be completed during your finals block. You will study your personal writing portfolio, which has been created for you over the course of this year, and reflect on your progress as a writer. You will pick one of the pieces you wrote as a 7th grader this year to label as your favorite, or a Showcase Piece, and you will describe the process you went through with that piece of writing.

The finals week schedule for next week is as follows:

Monday, May 16th – 1st and 3rd period finals

Tuesday, May 17th – 2nd and 4th period finals

Wednesday, May 18 – 7th and 5th period finals

Thursday, May 19 – 8th and 6th period finals

Friday, May 20 – Charger Day: literary analysis independent reading projects due