Testing Reminders

Hello Everyone,

As we all know, next week is a pretty big week for our students.  We want to share some tips for making Monday-Thursday a little more successful for everyone:

  1. Students need to take advantage of the great weather forecast for this weekend and GET OUTSIDE!!  Exercise, play, and soak up the free Vitamin D!
  2. Please get PLENTY of sleep this weekend, and turn off those electronics early in the evening on Sunday.
  3. Eat good, healthy meals this weekend, and especially make sure you have some proteins on Sunday night/Monday morning.
  4. Students are encouraged to bring a QUIET snack in a zip-lock baggie each day.  We do not eat lunch until 1:15pm next Monday-Thursday.  Water bottles are allowed, as long as they have a closed top, and they must remain on the floor when not being consumed.
  5. Our ADVO lesson this week was on stress management techniques.  Practice some visualization of places that make you happy.  Also, remember that 5-10 deep breaths can do wonders for calming us down.


Monday – STAAR for Math

Tuesday – STAAR for Reading

Wednesday – End-of-Year Assessment for Science, and ELA Final Product Part 1 (Part 2 will be conducted during Finals Week)

Thursday – End-of-Year Assessment for History, and a Math activity

We are looking forward to a very successful week!  Our students have worked SO hard this year, and we know they are ready to shine!!