Science – Week of May 2nd

Welcome to the last month of school!

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will take the IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry) Placement Test.  IPC is a high school elective credit course that students may qualify to take in 8th grade.  Placement will be based off of several criteria:  Science grades in 6th and 7th, IOWA Science scores from 6th grade, IPC Placement Test results, enrollment in Algebra or Geometry in 8th grade, and my recommendation.  As a high school credit course, the workload is heavier than Pre-AP Science.  If students qualify, they have the option of declining their placement.  We realize students have many extracurricular activities, and some students are not willing to have a “B” on their report card.  Please consider what works best for you if/when you have the option for IPC in 8th grade.

HOMEWORK:  Read and answer ALL questions on pages #262-#269 in your Science textbook.  Due: Wednesday/Thursday.

Wednesday-Friday:  We will review for the Science End-of-Year assessment to be taken on May 11th.  This is the final for this course, and it WILL count as a grade.