Science – Week of April 25th

Monday/Tuesday:  We will assess our knowledge of Ecology.  We will begin reviewing for the IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry) Placement test that the students will be taking on May 2/3.  This is a high school credit course that can be taken in 8th grade.  Students will be placed either in IPC or Pre-AP Science for 8th grade.  To qualify for IPC, we will look at the 7th grade Science grade, whether the student has taken Algebra in 7th, or is taking it in 8th grade, score on the placement test, and my recommendation.  IPC carries a heavy work load, so students who do qualify have the option of declining, but we encourage all who qualify to take advantage of this great opportunity to prepare for high school under Dr. Fong’s expert instruction.

HOMEWORK:  READ and answer ALL questions on pages #222-#229, due WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY.

Wednesday-Friday:  IPC Placement Review.