ELA: Reading & Writing week of 04.18.16

Welcome back after an unexpected long weekend. Hopefully you all stayed safe and dry. If you suffered flood damage or know one of our 7C community members who did, please email Ms. Reid and share an update when you can.

We’ll lose some time this week because of the inclement weather days, but we should be able to catch up over the next couple weeks. In STAAR Reading, Wednesday/Thursday will focus on how to know that you understand what a question is REALLY asking. In Writing, poetry and ways to create rhythm are on the agenda. We will also create a rubric together for the writing project connected to this unit of study. On Friday, we’ll have a mid-unit assessment in reading and do Story Book Friday.


The usual reading homework applies, so read and log 150 minutes as well as a response to two questions on Whooo’s Reading. Because of the weather events on Monday, I will wait until the end of Wednesday to look and grade last week’s homework. If you haven’t logged it yet, do so by the end of the day, 04/20/16!

In writing, collect one new page of your own poetry. You should try out and apply one of the minilesson strategies from the unit so far.