Science – Week of April 4th

I hope you all got outside this past weekend and soaked up some free Vitamin C!

Monday/Tuesday:  We will focus on plant tropisms and the anatomy of a leaf.  The students will receive the guidelines for the Study Guide they must create for this unit test we will be taking next Monday/Tuesday.  The study guide is DUE on Monday, April 11/Tuesday, April 12.  The test will cover:  Ecological Succession, Biomes, Cycles in Nature, and Plants, including tropisms, leaf structure, and reproduction.

Wednesday/Thursday:  The anatomy of a flower will be reviewed.

Friday:  We will review for the unit test.

Homework that is due on FRIDAY, April 8:  READ and answer ALL questions on pages #54-#64 in the Science book.

Don’t forget to review your vocabulary using: