ELA: Reading & Writing week of 03.21.16

This is our last week before the STAAR Writing test, so we will focus on making sure everyone is ready and feeling confident for the assessment. On Monday/Tuesday, you’ll have a chance to see and analyze high-scoring essays from some of your peers. You’ll use what you see in these exemplar compositions and revise the essays you wrote for online scoring the week before spring break. On Wednesday/Thursday, you’ll spend time learning some common spelling errors that show up on the STAAR Writing and ways to tackle the revising/editing portion of the test.

As you work on and revise your compositions this week, your final version will be used as one major grade for this unit of study. Next week you’ll have a second major grade, which will be grammar-based and relate to the lessons you’ve been learning this six weeks about use of language/conventions.

The STAAR Writing test is Tuesday, March 29!!


Reading weekly: 150 minutes read and logged in reading log, due by Sunday night of the following week, and submit an answer to at least two questions on Whooo’s Reading; Writing: NoRedInk lessons and practice posted online