ELA: Reading & Writing week of 01.18.16

This week in Reading you will finalize your topics of focus for the current unit study and begin the work of reading for treasure! You’ll be partnered with a fellow researcher and make connections about your shared interests. In Writing, you’ll be collecting sentences that imitate existing work. You’ll learn how to get writing going about topics you have strong opinions and passions about.


READING: Continue logging online 150 minutes each week and responding to at least two questions on the Learn2Earn site. See Ms. Reid before the deadline if you have any questions or concerns.

WRITING: This week you are expected to write one entry a day. This means even on days when you do not have ELA class, you should write at least a page of writing in your Writer’s Notebook. Your homework topics this week should be YOUR CHOICE. You are not responding to prompts, so you can collect any topic or genre. You might write some poetry, fiction or persuasive entries. You can write about personal topics or made-up topics, you could write reflections on your life or observations about world around you. Come see Ms. Reid at TEAM Time if you need assistance!