Science – Week of January 6th

Happy New Year!  I hope the beginning of 2016 finds you all in good health and spirits!  We are jumping right back in where we left off, so get ready to work!

Tuesday/Wednesday:  we will be studying the structures and functions of the endocrine and reproductive systems.

Thursday/Friday:  we are dissecting a rat, and finishing up the lesson from Tuesday/Wednesday.

The lab rat specimens we received this year are in a higher volume of liquid than last year, so the odor in the room may be a little off-putting to some of the students.  You are permitted to bring a dust mask from home if you feel you may need it.  We will be providing aprons, goggles, and non-latex gloves for the students.

Homework due 1/11 and 1/12:  READ and answer ALL questions, including the Math Skills, on pages #154-#161.  This section is on work and energy transformations.

Have a great first week back!