Science Share Space Answers

Hello 7C Chargers!

I asked you to complete a “Science Share Space” after you completed your MOY. I am overwhelmed by the deep thinking questions, your kindness, and also by some of your very heart-felt letters! I want to answer a number of frequently asked questions.

  1. My birthday is on the Winter Solstice. I will be 48, but since Coach Fuji will be 52 two weeks later, I don’t feel so old! J
  2. We have known each other for 23 years, and have been married for 22.5 years. We met in California when I was managing a Residence Hall at Cal State Hayward, and he was coaching a Baseball Camp through the Oakland A’s.
  3. I am from West Virginia. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and went back to West Virginia University. I graduated with a degree in Psychology, but pursued a career in Student Housing before wising up and becoming a teacher in 2006.
  4. My Mom and Dad live in Alabama. I have a younger brother in Philadelphia, and a younger sister who lives in Ohio.
  5. I LOVE teaching 7th grade Science. I taught 5th grade Science for 9 years. While I loved my students in elementary school, there has never been a group like the one I have this year! I feel so fortunate to get to teach each and every one of YOU!
  6. No, Science was not my favorite subject growing up. I told myself that I wasn’t good at Math and Science, unfortunately, and so I only focused on Reading and Social Studies. It wasn’t until I saw good Science teachers teaching Science in 2005-2006 that I learned to love Science! I hope my new-found passion shows!
  7. My favorite colors are pink and navy blue. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite movies include, “Bucket List” and “Apollo 13.” I love the Steelers and Texans, as well as baseball and golf, and my college teams are the West Virginia Mountaineers, Texas Longhorns, and Houston Cougars.
  8. While Coach Fuji and I have never been able to have children of our own, we have been so fortunate to spend our days and early evenings with thousands of kids over the years!
  9. Yes, we are dissecting rats the week we get back from Winter Break. Each group will get their own rat.
  10. As far as Evolution vs. Creationism goes, it is my responsibility as a teacher to provide you with information for both theories, and allow you to form your own opinions.

I wish you and your families a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season! Be ready to work when you get back!

P.S. – You all ROCKED that MOY!!  I am SO proud of how hard you worked!


Ms. Coffman Fujiwara