ELA: a note about grades

As the semester wraps up and you complete your assessments, I am working to read and assess your Writing Projects before you leave for the semester. You will receive the scored rubric back on Friday, and any missing/late assignments will be completed by then as well.

The two remaining grades that count toward your average are major grades: Unit 3 Assessment and Nonfiction Writing Process Project. Two comma practices have just been input to the gradebook, but they are not weighted toward your average. (They do not effect your overall score, it’s just an ongoing assessment to see how the learning’s going and what we still need to work on.)

You can expect the grade in the gradebook on Friday to be as up to date as it will be before you receive a report card the week you return, on 01/08/16.  Thanks for your patience and continued hard work through the end of the semester.