SCIENCE – Week of December 14th

This week, the students will be taking their “MOY” – Middle of the Year assessment, which will be counted as a grade for this grading period.  If the students are not testing during the assigned class time, then we will be watching, “Osmosis Jones.”  This movie features live action and animation to show the body systems at work as they fight bacteria in the main character.  The students will be answering questions about the movie as they watch.

I want to take this opportunity to express how much I have enjoyed teaching our students this semester!  It is so rewarding to come to school and be surrounded by young people with good work ethics and an internal drive to succeed!  I also appreciate all of the support from our parents.  Your IAN Reviews were helpful to me as I continue to plan my instruction.  More than anything, I hope that our students and parents realize the valuable resource we are creating each day that will benefit them in 9th grade Biology…keep this IAN to reflect back on!!

Have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday break!