Algebra – Week of 9/28

Monday/Tuesday: Students will access their knowledge and understanding of chapter 4 through the unit test. Homework: complete the “Before” section on page 280 in textbook and define chapter 5 vocabulary (found under the “Now” section on page 281).

Test grades will be online on Wednesday. For those who want to take the re-test will need to come see me for a re-test review. Complete the re-test review and come during team time or after school to take the re-test.

Wednesday/Thursday: Students will write linear equations in slope-intercept form and use linear equations in slope-intercept form. Homework: workbook lesson 5.1 #1-15 and lesson 5.2 #1-15.

Friday: Students will write linear equations in point-slope and standard form. Homework: workbook lesson 5.3 #1-26 and lesson 5.4 #5-18.

Please email if you have any questions. Thank you!