Welcome to 7C ELA: Reading/Writing Workshop!

Happy back to school!! Today turned out to be a successful start to the year. Students met all of their teachers and received important information about each of their classes as well as 7C Cluster Policies & Procedures.

The rest of the week we’ll be focusing on building routines and rituals within our workshop classroom, and everyone will have a chance to get to know the other learners in our community.

Here’s what you can look forward to this semester in Reading and Writing.


Reading Unit 1 – Building Reading Lives & Launching the Workshop (Literary Nonfiction)

Writing Unit 1 – Building Writing Lives & Getting Writing Going (Slice of Life personal essays/Literary Nonfiction)


Reading Unit 2 – Reading With Understanding (Fiction)

Writing Unit 2 – Short Stories/Narrative Writing Process


Reading Unit 3 – Navigating Nonfiction (Expository & Literary Nonfiction)

Writing Unit 3 – All About Articles (Expository)


Reading Unit 4 – Reading Beyond the Page: Inference (Fiction & Poetry)

Writing Unit 4 – How Writers Crafts Texts in Interesting Ways (sentence structure/syntax study)