Science – Holiday Break

I know you might get bored (not!) over break, so if you are looking for a new Quizlet, try this one:

Our body systems test will take place January 14/15.  We will dissect on January 16th.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays!  Be safe, get some exercise, and we will see you back on January 6th!

p.s. – I LOVED reading the letters from the students on their Science Share Space.  I had lots of questions about how/why I ended up here in a variety of questions.  So here goes:

-I was born December 21, 1967 (seven hours before Mrs. Hale, by the way.)

-I was raised in Pittsburgh, PA, so that’s why I love the Steelers.  I graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in Psychology, that’s why I love the Mountaineers.  I REALLY needed to find a paying job after school, so I entered the field of Student Housing, managing a private residence hall at WVU.  A few years later, I took a transfer to California State University, where I met Coach Fujiwara.  My career took us to Florida, then to Tyler, TX, then to Arlington, here to Houston, over to Austin, and finally back to Houston in 2004.  After 17 years of working with college students, I woke up one day and decided to finally follow my heart, and I got certified to become a teacher.

-Many students asked if I always knew I wanted to teach Science.  Truthfully, Math and Science were not my forte growing up.  I excelled in Reading, Writing, and Social Studies.  “Back in my day,” Math and Science were taught with a book and worksheets.  So much has changed in education, and these disciplines are so much more hands-on.  I saw others teach with a passion, and I wanted to be like them.  I taught 5th grade Science for the last 8 years, and I only left because I had an opportunity to come to Pin Oak.

-I have not regretted my decision to come to Pin Oak for even a second!  I LOVE the students I get to interact with everyday!  I feel that I learn as much from them as I hope they learn from me.  I work very hard to provide lessons that will not only benefit them in school, but that they can also carry with them the rest of their lives.  As my previous Principal instilled in me, “teaching is a not a labor, it’s a love!”  I know how lucky I am to be here, and I will continue to do my best for our students!

Thank you all SO MUCH for the kind words in your letters!!  You cannot possibly know how much you mean to me!

Ms. Coffman Fujiwara