Algebra – week of 12/15

I am back on campus this week. I will try to get all grades in gradespeed as soon as possible and return emails when I can–Mrs. Hale
Students have their midterm review due on Monday/Tuesday. The midterm is Thursday either from 8:30–10:30 or 10:45-12:45. Students will know their testing groups by Wednesday afternoon.
Please remember that the midterm is 25% of the semester average. Students should go to bed early on Wednesday and eat a healthy breakfast.
There will be no after school tutorials this week. Students can see me during Team Time on Wednesday if they have any last minute questions. We will be reviewing during class this week.
Any student that needs to complete make-up work (due to missing classes on Thursday) will have time to work on it during Algebra class on Friday.
There will be no algebra homework assigned over the Winter Break!