Science – Week of December 1st

We are continuing our unit on Body Systems.  The students will be working in groups on Monday/Tuesday to complete a diagram of the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, reproductive, endocrine, and lymphatic systems.  On Wednesday/Thursday, the students will complete stations on the skeletal and digestive systems.

Homework due on Wednesday/Thursday:  Read pages #460-#468 in the Science book, and complete all BLUE box activities and “Summarize It.”

Homework due on Friday:  The GIZMO packet for the digestive system needs to be completed before class on Friday.  The students will take the quiz on-line IN CLASS on Friday.

In preparation for a project we will be completing in the spring, please save any 2-liter bottles that are flat on the sides, ie., NOT the newer Coke bottles.  The bottles can be rinsed with warm water only and allowed to thoroughly dry out before bringing to school.  The bottles must be clear, not green.  In order for each lab group to have their own ecocolumn, we will need about 105 bottles total.  Thank you in advance for your help.