Extra Credit-Texas History 10-16-17

Follow the links below that correspond to your class to complete the extra credit. Only do the extra credit that corresponds to your Texas History class period.

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The expectation is that you make 1 initial post, and then write at least 1 response to a classmate’s post.

If you do not write 2 posts, you will not receive credit.

The password to access is Chargers1

Period 3: http://padlet.com/merzn/w8jk56b8l7x4

Period 7: http://padlet.com/merzn/cclax5h9wdmn

Period 2: http://padlet.com/merzn/oil77mzbmiry

Period 6: http://padlet.com/merzn/8egrfcind4sk

Period 8: http://padlet.com/merzn/z18nu9co00qs

Week of 10/16



Tuesday/ Wednesday/


Warm-up: Read silently for 15 minutes (Historical Fiction/Nonfiction W/ 1 Notice & Note Signpost)
Literacy Practice (Stations): Analyzing differing texts: Compare/Contrast, Cause/Effect, Chronological, Problem/Solution, Descriptive/Categorical

Author’s Craft: Writing expository texts *Teacher led*

Homework: Complete at least one Achieve 3000 article, due 10/22

Exit Ticket: Complex Sentences *Plickers*
Friday Warm-up: SWABIs and THAMOs, What’s up with that – part 2?
Syntax Skills: Complex sentences with SWABIs and THAMOs in the middle

Homework: Complete at least one Achieve 3000 article, due 10/22

Exit Ticket: Write three complex sentences about your IRB

Algebra – Week of 10/16

Monday/Tuesday: Students will write equations of parallel and perpendicular lines. Homework: Workbook lesson 5.5#1-15 (for #1-12, write the equations in point-slope form).

Wednesday/Thursday: Students will make scatter plots, write equations to model data, and make predictions using best-fitting lines. Homework: Workbook lesson 5.6#1-9 and 5.7#7-22

Friday: Students will work on chapter 5 test review sheet. Homework: Finish test review sheet and study for test.

Math 7 Pre-AP – Week of 10/16

Tuesday: Students will take a quiz on solving one-step and two-step equations. Students will also learn how to solve equations with variables on both sides. Homework: Variables on both sides worksheet

Thursday: Students will solve inequalities. Homework: FACEing math worksheet.

Friday: Students will work on chapter 11 test review sheet. Homework: Finish review sheet and study for test.

Science – Week of October 16th

Monday/Tuesday:  Students will be introduced to the levels of organization as they relate to organisms.  Ask your students what we mean by “RAREHOGG.”

Homework due on Wednesday/Thursday (previously assigned on Friday during class):  READ and answer ALL questions on pages #394-#402.

Wednesday/Thursday:  We will return and review the Unit 1 test.  Students will complete a project related to the assigned homework, then complete a foldable on the Cell Theory.  Ask your students what some people used to think mice originated from.

Friday:  Students will compare and contrast Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic cells.

Let’s Go ASTROS!!